AKC dog breeds

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Cockapoo Cockapoo
Cockapoo Cavaliers

We are pleased to show you some of the puppies we raise.
All of our puppies we have for sale are raised from our sires and dams in the country air here on our farm.

Drawing on years of raising healthy hogs lends much to raising healthy dogs. Also being an R.N. trains a person to watch for any problems that might arise. As for the true reality of life we have 7 children and 28 grandchildren...great puppy lovers. A customer remarked one day after purchasing her puppy that she felt so comfortable at our place that she would come over for Thanksgiving dinner if we asked.

The breeds we currently raise are:

  • Cavalier Mixes
  • Cockapoos

Feel free to call and inquire about availible puppies or any other questions that you have. If interested we can e-mail photos of puppies. We are available Monday through Saturday, Sunday is our day of rest. Thank you.

Uphoff Country Kennel
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